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Genesis Bible

The sacred Bible is a collection of books that talk about the history of humanity.  The word Genesis a Greek word whose meaning originates from the first book of the Bible.  This Bible presents the creation and the Creator. It describes the beginning of the universe, humanity, sin, and execution of the holy plan of salvation.

It's existence is the basis for the understanding of the other Bible Books.

The Genesis Bible consists of two parts: - The first part describes the creation of the universe and the primordial history of the human creations of God; Adam and Eve. The book describes the way Eve fell into the trap of temptation and because of the “sin” the suffering had been applied to the world.

The Genesis Bible book continues to describe the construction and destruction of the Tower of Babylonia.

The second part is in respect of the generation of Israelis. It describes the special relation of God with Abraham and his descendents.  The book traces through history of Abraham’s sons, Isaac, his grand son, and his twelve great-grandsons. It also describes in detail the reason why he took the son of Jacob, Joseph of Egypt, his slaves, and how he rose to power. The book also descries his reconciliation with his brothers and the migration of Jacob and his family to Egypt.

Moreover, the book speaks about how the children of Jacob became the founders of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Wavering history around the life of these people, the Genesis Bible gives a powerful message of what God did for them. The central subject of the Book is that God worries about his childrens, as he molds their lives. God also glorifies justice, punishes the bad (evil) ones and rewards the good ones.It is an old and official Book written to register the faith of the people in God and how to keep this faith alive.The Genesis Bible presents answers for a series of questions that in another way would not be answered. Man has always wanted to know about his origins and the causes his current condition. Such questions are are answered by this bible. There are reasons for everything that has happened in human history. However, not everybody accept the books contents as a truth and keeps searching for others explanations as to the origin of the life. Oftentimes, those who defend the theory of evolution reject the ideas of this bible.
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