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Introduction to The Genesis Bible

The word Genesis signifies origin, beginning; and this book was writing by Moses.

The Book of Genesis has 50 chapters and registers some facts of The creation of The universe and of The human race.Three words can give The sketch of Genesis: Generation, Degeneration and Regeneration.When we think about Genesis, generally we think about The creation of man and woman and about sin. But The book of Genesis presents us with much more Them that. In this series of programs we will be able to know `Genesis' much closer. In The simple and objective form we present The details of The creation as:  The fall of The man, The flood and Noah's ark,  The alliance with Abram and his descent, Jacob and The rebelliousness of his sons against The son of his elderliness: Joseph, and The confidence of Joseph in God and his reward.

What do all o These generations have in common?  The sovereignty of God.  Of generation in generation God is a sovereign and in The series "Genesis in SynThesis" you are going to learn practical truths for your life about The sovereignty of God.

It is a register of The beginning of everything, of The origin of our Universe. The human race,  sin and his demonstrations, The redemption, life in family, The corruption of  society, The patriarchs, The prophets, The nations, The different languages, The Hebrew race, etc.

The first chapters of The book have been continuously under fire of modern criticism, but The facts that it present, when correctly interpreted and understood, have never been denied.It is not a purpose of The author of Genesis to give a detailed report of The creation. He dedicates only a chapter to this subject (only one sketch containing some basics facts), while he dedicates thirty eight chapters to The history of The chosen people That book consists of two parts: The first part describes The creation of The universe and primordial history of humanity.  Also it is about The first human creations of God - Adam and Eva.  Also, it describes The way Eva fell in temptation and how The sin and The suffering were applied to The world.  The book continues describing The construction and The destruction of The tower of Babylonia.  The second part is in respect, The first generations of Israelis.  It describes The special relation of God with Abram and his descendants.  The book draws The histories of Abram’s son Issaquah, his grandson Jacob and his twelve great-grandsons.  Also it describes in detail The reasons that he had taken The son of Jacob; Joseph of The Egypt, his slavery, his ascension to  power, his reconciliation with his brothers and The migration of Jacob and his family to  EgyptBeyond that, The book speaks of how The sons of Jacob became The founders of The twelve tribes of Israel.  Wavering history around The life of those people, The book gives a powerful message of what God did for Them.  The main subject of The book is God’s concern with his children, as he molds Their lives and how he glorifies justice, punishes The evil, and rewards The good ones.  It is an Old Book and written officially for registering The faith of The people in His God and how to maintain those alive faith.  All The wisdom of The people of God, inspired by The Holy Spirit is present in this allegory: a lot of poetry, wisdom, and experience from God and knowledge of The human heart in These first pages of The Bible!  God is The loving, wise, and omnipotent creator of everything that exists,  He is The only one source, of The existence of everything; The big diversity in The creation reveals a God with a limitless creativity, The paradise terrestrial signifies that we have inside of us  a deep vocation for  happiness, for  peace and harmony, that many times we massacre for  sin, by The inversion of The values calling The evil of good and The good of evil (tree of The Good  and of The evil).  The rib of Adam  signifies that as well as The heart and The rib without one There is no other, They are deeply united and near,  as  a couple, beyond The love, a deep friendship should exist and a loving and affectionate intimacy.  All Christians should find time to read and understand this book    I can affirm with big security that nobody will be able to understand The plan of God for The Salvation of The man without reading and studying The book of Genesis.
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