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Summary of Creation

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  The earth was without form, empty, dark and covered with water.  The Spirit of God fluctuated about the water.  And God said:  "Have light” and the light appeared.  God saw that the light was good.  He separated the light of the darkness, and called the light of "day" and the darkness of "night".  The afternoon and the morning were the “first day”. And God said:  “have big space between the waters under the sky and above".  And He called the space “sky". The afternoon and the morning were the “second day”God said:  "That the waters under the sky be assembled in a place and that there should be a dry space".  He called the dry place “earth "; and called   "seas" the gathering of waters.  God saw that this was good.  And God said:  "That the land produces herbs, plants and fruitful trees"; and that happened, and God saw that everything was good.  The late night and the morning were the “third day”.  God said:  "Have lights in the sky to determine the seasons, the days and the months".  God created two big lights; the Sun to govern the day, and the Moon to govern the night.  He created also the stars, and spread them to the sky so they lightened the earth.  God saw that this was good.  The night and the morning were the” fourth day”. 

God said: “That the waters stayed full of creatures, and that the birds fly to the sky". God created great marine animals and everything that moves in the water. He created fish and birds, and he saw that everything was good, and blessed them saying:  “Be fruitful and reproduce". And the afternoon and the morning had been the           ” fifth day”.    
God said:  "Let the land be filled with creatures".  Then he created the animals of the earth, the cattle and everything that crawls, and will reproduce; and God saw that this was good.

AND God said:  "Let’s do the man ".  And The Lord formed the man with the dust of the earth, and blew in his nostrils the puff of life, and the man became a living soul. Then God created the man to His image and resemblance.  He created the male and the Female.  God called the first man of Adam; later, Adam called the woman Eva.

And God said:  "The man will leave father and mother and will join his wife and will be only one meat".  Adam and Eva were nude, but were not shamed.  God saw that everything He created was  good.  The night and the morning were the “sixth day”.

The skies and the land had been ready; in the seventh day God finished His work. He blessed this day and sanctified It. God also created a garden in the Eden, where he planted for all over pretty and fruitful trees.
He planted two trees in the middle of the garden: the Tree of the Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of the good and of the Evil.  The Lord ordered that the man took care of everything in the Garden of the Eden, and gave him an order: "You can eat from all of the trees, but never of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and of Evil. Never eat fruit of that tree. In the day that you do that, you die”
To show how much he loved Adam and Eva, God supplied all their necessities, and a little more, so that they could have the maximum advantage to the life.
God also gave them capacity to make choices, and the possibility for them to use this capacity. God wanted that Adam and Eva showed how much they respected Him, obeying the order : Not to eat the fruit from the tree”.
To live happy and in peace in the lovely garden, only they only needed to trust in the wisdom of God, and respect His authority. They should be grateful and happy for the life and freedom that they had. But t freedom only brings joy when we know how to make good choices.
Much before creating man, God also gave freedom of choice to the angels that He had created. He wanted to be honored by the angels -- that lived in the spiritual Kingdom as much as the men.
Almost all the angels had decided to follow God, and until today they adore and obey Him, and they helped a lot people. Some angels however have made a bad choice. They had rejected the love of God, and had chosen Lucifer -- the prettiest angel than existed -- to be the leader of them. For being arrogant and proud, Lucifer lost his position of honor next to the throne of God.Because of his rebelliousness, he was expelled from Heaven.  Lucifer challenged God, saying in his heart:  "I will raise my throne above the stars of God.  I will be the same as God ".
  Lucifer is also called in the Bible the Devil and Satan, and wanted the adoration that belongs only to God. Satan deceives persons only to be adored by them. He comes pretending to be an angel of light, but his lies to them, causes pain, suffering and destruction.
Then God said to Lucifer: “You go to be launched in the deepening’s of Hell".
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